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Malaria Awareness Campaign

In Pakistan, half a million malaria cases occur annually with Sindh and Balochistan being affected them most because of a lack of awareness and improper sewerage system. Malaria kills around 3,000 children every day in the world. Pakistan has been categorized by WHO in the Group 3 countries of the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region which account for sharing 95% of the total regional malaria burden. Sindh Malaria Control Programme has recorded 44,731 malaria cases across the province last year out of which 1,667 were from Karachi. The children are more prone to this disease due to their weak immune system as well as lack of knowledge regarding this disease.
25th April is World Malaria Day, a day when people all over the world join together to show their support in the effort to end this disease. However, for billions of people, every day is malaria day. With almost half of the world's population still at risk of contracting malaria, and almost half a million malaria deaths annually, there is still much work to be done before we can live in a world free from malaria. By supporting this effort, we can make World Malaria Day 2016 the most impactful yet!

The theme for 2016 is "End Malaria For Good". Following the great progress made under the Millennium Development Goals, it was important to build on this success and "end malaria for good" under the Sustainable Development Goals.

Catalyst - The Change Agent in collaboration with Initiative for Peace and Development (IPAD), a not for profit organization and Abbott Pakistan conducted a Karachi wide campaign by conducting sessions in different schools and communities. The aim of the campaign was to create awareness about the disease symptoms and preventive measures to reduce malaria morbidity and mortality rate. The ultimate goal behind this campaign was to educate people about the prevention and treatment of malaria and a first step towards the accomplishment of national vision of "Malaria Free Pakistan". Multiple sessions were conducted across different school of Karachi throughout the month to create awareness in approximately 2000 students to mark the International Malaria day on 25th April. 25ML Mospel samples provided by Abbott were distributed among all students during awareness sessions.

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