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Hunar - Vocational Training Program

Many poor women in Pakistan wish to increase their contribution to household income, but face a number of constraints in doing so. Most have had little access to formal education, have limited access to health care, carry numerous household responsibilities, and may not be able to associate with males outside of their immediate family, restricting their ability to take advantage of programs staffed by men and marketing opportunities outside of their locale.

Pakhtoonabad in Manghopir have many women with similar lives. They are illiterate and poor but want to contribute to their family earning. These women used to do pearl pasting on dupattas initially to earn some income as they didn't have any other skill. Based on their demands a 6 months Basic dress making course was launched in two batches of 15 participants each. These participants were provided all learning material for free in order not to overburden them during their learning phase. The course ran for 5 months and had to end early due to deteriorating security in the area.