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Awareness Seminar on Protection Against Harassment of Women at Workplace Act IV, 2010

In early 2010 Pakistan Government passed a Law called 'Protection Against Harassment of Women at Workplace, Act 2010. We understand that in Pakistan most of the sexual harassment is faced by women. However, to be fair to all employees, sexual harassment can be experienced by men also. Therefore, to make sure that it is the inappropriate behavior that remains the focus, this Code is for both men and women and puts the responsibility of cleaning the menace of sexual harassment from the organizational environment on the shoulders of the management. Thus, the emphasis is on holding individuals accountable for their behavior through professional mechanisms. The Code provides a guideline for behavior of all employees, including management and the owners of an organization to ensure a work environment free of sexual harassment and intimidation. The enforcement of this Law will improve the productivity of organizations, transform organizational culture and significantly improve employees' level of job satisfaction.

Catalyst - The Change Agent has partnered with Federal Ombudsman Secretariat to create awareness among people by mobilizing the society through organizing informative session for representatives from different walks of life.